Thursday, October 28, 2004

Seems it never rains in Southern California
seems I`ve often heard that kind of talk before
It never rains in California, but girl don't they
warn ya, it pours, man it pours
It Never Rains in Southern California, Al Hammond, 1973

The 2nd big fall storm hit us yesterday ... the Sierra Nevada mountains got about 5' of snow ... ski areas are opening early ... it's all good! We really need the water down here. This Oregon girl's rainy day driving skills came right back as she slalomed her way to work this morning. Weee!

And on the knitting front? More future projects I'll get around to someday (sigh):

From Hip to Crochet, yummy kid mohair for the cover scarf. After publicly railing against the return of the granny square, this girl is eating her words after seeing this scarf. Purchased from One Fine Yarn, a very nice vendor to deal with:

Filanda Kid Extra Fine and Karabella Lace Mohair>

Another treat from One Fine Yarn -- IKnitiative's Souvenir Shawl pattern, in the Ivory Coast colorway:

Happy Thursday, everyone.

Monday, October 25, 2004

Well, she was right next door
And I'm such a strong persuader ...
Strong Persuader, Robert Cray

OK, enough navel gazing and introspection -- let's get on with the knitting. And such knitting it is ... the Panera throw, made of Berroco Suede, in the Roy Rogers colorway.

May I expound on how intriguing this yarn is? It really does feel like suede, albeit a smoother, softer suede than the real deal. Perhaps a suede as soft as that chewed by a loving Eskimo mother for her little one. Ewww! But truly, this is one funky yarn. I've got enough of the Hopalong Cassidy colorway for another Panera, and more Roy Rogers for an Oakley shawl for meself. Yes, this yarn can persuade me to wallow in it for quite some time.

Happy Monday, y'all.

Thursday, October 21, 2004

Years ago, right after my divorce, I was in therapy trying to sort out my "junk." I clearly remember my therapist asking me at one point, "How old do you see yourself living to?" And I honestly couldn't give her an answer. Not that I saw myself dying at a young age, but looking that far ahead was like peering down a dim, misty tunnel.

Today, I still can't come up with an "age" that I see myself living to, but I do believe it'll be old. Liver-spotted, grey-haired old. This belief comes from encounters I've had with various elderly women over the years. I've co-opted physical "pieces" of these women and have composited them into how I see "me" someday. I remember the lovely slender wrist of a woman at the local gas station/mini-mart I frequent. She was paying for a cup of coffee. She had beautifully manicured hands, with bright red fingernails. On her wrist was a chunky, expensive gold charm bracelet. I remember another woman with straight, silver-grey hair, cut in an adorable chin-length bob. I remember another woman walking in the evenings with her husband. I don't mean strolling, either. Fast fitness walking. She had a lovely, trim figure and looked quite fit in her track suit.

What prompted this post? A casual glance down at my freshly manicured, bright red fingernails. A gold bracelet clatters against the keyboard as I type. Oh, and I've got some sort of exercise scheduled for tonight.

So there I am, someday. Doesn't sound bad to me, at all.

Monday, October 18, 2004

So it occurred to me, while inwardly raging AGAIN against the dumb*ss woman who REFUSES to use air freshener in an office bathroom shared by at least, oh, a DOZEN other women, that maybe, just maybe, going off my antidepressants while rapidly losing weight that's releasing GALLONS of estrogen into my system and making me the most irritable person in the world, ISN'T A VERY GOOD IDEA?

Yeah, I thought so, too.

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

I've confronted this empty screen numerous times over the past week, with no luck. Not feeling depressed -- just not terribly inspired. I am losing weight, though, so that's good (13lbs so far). The downside -- estrogen is stored in fat cells. When one loses weight, the estrogen is released into the system, causing crankiness. And I'm loathe to inflict my cranky *ss on y'all. So I'm going to take a break until I feel a little less ... whatever.

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Wan Wednesday
"Wha's happenin', hot stuff?"
Long Duc Dong, Pretty in Pink

The answer: Not much. Got the fall blahs today. Always happens this time of year -- less daylight, chill in the morning air, etc. It'll pass; it always does.

Got a few patterns in the mail:

Hoodie Pattern in Reynolds Saucy

"Hippy Chic" Pullover in Reynolds Odyssey

Really, I don't have much to say today! Kind of on autopilot. See you Friday.

Monday, October 04, 2004

Ode to a Giant Blanket
Oh, Sof'Bankie
Thou art so huge,
and so purple.
Your purple hugeness
blots out the moon
or at least an entire desk.

I'm about halfway through Skein 10 of 12. Took the blanket to the Chargers/Titans game yesterday, but it didn't feel like coming out of its bag.

Word to the wise: Don't go to an NFL football game while on Medifast. The smell and sight of stadium food will drive you maaaaaad!

Happy Monday, everyone.

Friday, October 01, 2004

Yippee! It's Fried-Egg
Got some love in the mail from Vintage Knits:

Nice Aran booklet from 1960-something:

I love dolmans! From "Women's Day Needlework & Sweater Ideas," 1984:

The Microspun Sof'Bankie is zipping along -- I'm almost done with Skein 9 of 12. It's getting cooler here in the evenings -- I gotta get this blanket done! DH is going to start eyeing it hungrily.

Can't We All Just Get Along?
Or: "Get Off My Designer Suit"

Warning: mini-rant ahead. The opinions expressed are strictly those of the management and do not reflect the world at large. Just me. Do not fold, spindle or mutilate. Your mileage may vary.

I completely bypassed the Reality TV craze of the last 3 years, until this year. My obsession? The Apprentice. DH and I are completely hooked on this show. However, I don't agree with The Donald about pitting men against women, and here's why: Get any group of smart "alpha" women together, give them a task where a prize or objective is involved, and watch them rip each other apart. I swear, women are their own worst enemies. The group on this season's Apprentice almost make me ashamed to be a woman. Constant fingerpointing, backbiting, and infighting has caused Apex Corp. (the name of the women's group) to lose the last 3 challenges.

DH has a nickname for me: The Ultimate Chick. He calls me this because he says that even though I'm very feminine, I have the ability, when the situation calls for it, to think like a guy. The older I get, the less I can stand to be involved with a group of women where something has to get done. Don't misunderstand me, I fully love and enjoy being a woman, but I do admire the overall ability of men to get down to it and get a job done, with a minimum of fuss and bother. Granted, a lot of them go off in directions I wouldn't agree with, but geez, they don't sit around and analyze a situation to death, then blame and snipe at each other when things go south. OK, rant over. Thanks for indulging me.

Have a nice weekend, everyone.