Monday, March 07, 2005

52 people at yesterday's Open House. One offer faxed in to our realtor at 10pm last night -- a lowball offer from a newlywed couple hoping for a steal. We're countering with a higher number. We'll see what happens (most likely nothing).

DH is a training maniac these days -- he biked 34 miles on Saturday and ran about 8 miles on Sunday, all to get ready for this in 2 weeks -- The Ralph's California Half-Ironman. I am in complete awe of his discipline and determination. The percentage of people on this planet who even compete in triathlons is incredibly small (about 1%). Of that 1%, how many are 52yo men? An even tinier percentage. Amazing.

So you think that'd inspire me to run, bike or swim, myself? Ha. I'm going through a fitness & diet slump of epic proportions, dating back to around Thanksgiving. I know what I need to do, but have yet to do it. Very discouraging.

While cultivating my middle-aged spread even further, I did manage to get a bunch of knitting done:

I'm a bit worried -- it's looking very wide and short for a sweater. Of course, being a Commando Knitter (to hell with gauge or trying the darn thing on), I've bullied ahead and knit the body and about 1/2 of the first sleeve before I discovered the possible (mis)fit problem. Sigh.

Happy Monday, everyone.

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