Friday, September 17, 2004

Friday is for FUN!
The Microsoft Sof'Bankie is almost halfway done. Rather than bore you with endless pictures of the blanket-in-progress (hey! here's another 3 inches done!), I've decided to take pictures of the blanket in action.

Here, I've tried to get the blanket to earn its keep. I stationed it in my cubicle at work, at my keyboard. It didn't seem interested. It kept slumping over the keys (kinda like me at the end of the day).

I even tried to tempt it with a piece of Jolly Rancher candy, but no go:

So I turned it into Thespian Blankie. Here, I'm making like Mary Magdelene in a roadshow version of Jesus Christ Superstar:

But the blankie seems happiest in my lap, with Hubbs nestled underneath. Nevermind that I'm roasting under all that dog hair and microfiber.

School Daze
Fun article on that venerable (though no longer produced) icon of back-to-school supplies, the Pee Chee folder. Plus a few other school supplies of yesteryear you might remember (mucilage, anyone?)

Happy Friday, everyone.

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