Tuesday, December 21, 2004

You Better Not Pout, You Better Not Cry ...
... or it's a lump of coal for you, pally! No coal for this gal -- got my last little bit o' stunt knitting done for Christmas ... another KidSilk Haze 3x1 ribbed Super Scarf for a coworker. She's such a Guessy Guesser though -- I'm going to have to throw her off track by packing the scarf in with something heavy like a book or candy.

Here's another present of the non-holiday variety -- a going-away present for another coworker. She's moving from San Diego back to her home state of Maine, so I thought a scarf would be appropriate. I'm using this pattern from Mountain Colors:

and this yarn:

The KFI Cashmerino is the same as Debbie Bliss's yarn of the same name, under the mill's own label. Rumor has it this yarn will be discontinued, which is a shame. It's several $$ cheaper than the DB label, and the colors are gorgeous.

Look who came to work with me yesterday:

It's little Hal the Cockatiel! Remember him? The parrot that RockStar "had to have," and promptly ignored 2 days after we brought him home. He's been a tiny blessing. He goes to work with me every 8 weeks or so for the afternoon, and has a lot of fun rambling around on my desk and visiting everyone in the office. Don't let his tiny size fool you -- he's got a larger-than-life personality and loves attention from anyone who'll give it. I'm of the opinion that everyone should have a feathered crest on top of their head -- no one would be able to lie about anything. Hal broadcasts his every feeling with that little topknot of feathers. It's quite comical at times.

Happy Tuesday, everyone :-)

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