Friday, December 03, 2004

Just for You, Bron ...
...knitting pictures!

Peruvian Connection "Cuzco", 6 skeins each
Colors: Deepest Black & Moonlight Blue
Project Rating: EASY! Finished both ponchos in a weekend and one weekday evening, including blocking. The alpaca is super lofty and very warm.

On a Different Wavelength
OK, so I love this show. I have it set up on the TiVO unit upstairs, and have been watching it while using my elliptical trainier (aka: the clothes hangar). This lady is such a trip! I love the English Country Dominatr1x look she sports. I tried this with my dog as he lay on the floor next to the elliptical. I got a yawn in response. But my parrots seem to pick up something from me ... some vibe or energy. They cock their heads and give me thoughtful looks when I try this sy-kick stuff on them. Spooooky!

Happy Friday, everyone.

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