Monday, November 29, 2004

Can you believe it? A knitting picture:

Disregard wonky camera angle; it really is a rectangle

I got 12 skeins of this (6 skeins of Deepest Black and 6 skeins of Moonlight Blue) to make 2 of these. The only problem? This alpaca is sending me into a histamine hissy fit! My nose is totally stuffed up and my eyes are watering the entire time I work with it. I'm ordering a bottle of this to see if dust mites are the problem. I've got the 2 black rectangles blocked and ready to sew. The 1st blue rectangle is done; the 2nd is 1/3 done. Heaven help my nasal passages 'til I'm done. Nasal Update! We're having a "Cold Santa Ana Wind." Usually Santa Ana winds usher in 80-degree temps. We're having a cold version, and it's wreaking havoc with my sinuses. Phew! I didn't want to blame the yarn, ya know!

Letters from Home
My mother sent me an email, informing me that my stepfather became a bit concerned while shopping recently in a Columbia Sportswear Factory Outlet Store in Portland. Apparently, there were 2 large dogs in the store (think: lab or shepherd size), and they were not service dogs. My stepfather asked the girl behind the counter about it, and she rolled her eyes at him and retorted, "Well, they're on leashes!", like that was the issue. The "back story" here is that basically, dogs are taking over Portland. Dogs, dogs everywhere you go. And they're being afforded more common courtesy than the average human being. That's the issue being taken up by my stepfather.

This being said, I must let it be known that my stepfather has a very, um, unique sense of humor. Rather than get mad, he got the email address for Columbia Sportswear's customer service department, and wrote them the following email (under my mother's email addy):

Dear Columbia Sportswear:
While shopping your company store, in Sellwood Or. I noticed two big dogs leashed to their owners. I'm concerned if this is safe? I have a monkey who I keep on a leash. He likes getting out, now I'll be able to bring him along. Also, my son has two four-legged reptiles who will enjoy the warmth of your store this winter.
Please reply,
Thank you, Judith

And Columbia replied!
Incident #041128-000138
Thank you for your request. Our consumer services department will reply to your request soon.

Power to the people, man. Happy Monday, everyone.

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