Friday, November 21, 2003

Laid Out on a Slab
I'm about halfway through the hood for LoTech Sangria. Knitting it is about as exciting as watching paint dry. It's times like this I wish I had one of those nifty Bond Ultimate Sweater Machines so I can zoop-zoop the carriage back 'n forth and bang out this big 'ol slab of stockinette. Maybe a USM should go on my Christmas list? Hmmm … it sure would be nice to avoid this:

Cruel & Unusual Punishment: The Endless Stockinette Hood

Speaking of Christmas …
Does anyone remember Ideals magazines?

Ideals Christmas issues from the early 1970s

The coming of the Christmas season always brings up memories of the new Ideals Christmas issue arriving at my grandma's house. Ideals and the Sears Wish Book were my big escapes during the holiday season. Ideals issues were published for major holidays like Christmas, Easter, and Thanksgiving, but there were also seasonal issues for Summer, etc. Ideals magazines were uber-wholesome, and had gorgeous, Technicolor-bright photography. I remember beautiful photographs of snowy fields, indoor photographs of glittery, decorated Christmas trees in peaceful, idyllic homes, and lavish food spreads. In the older Ideals there were never any people, just empty scenes to imagine yourself in. I didn't pay much attention to the limited text -- they were heavy on Bible passages and poems and didn't appeal to me. But the photographs transported me to a colorful, make-believe world and no doubt influenced my eventual career choice as a graphic designer.

Happy Friday, everyone.

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