Monday, November 03, 2003

Whoop! Whoop! Project Alert!
Much as I'd like to participate in Kerstin's D.B. Biker Knit-a-Long, I'm afraid it just wouldn't suit my rather, um, zaftig figure at this time. So we're consoling ourselves with this lovely and flattering poncho from Lopi #21:

Jon & Ponch: Remember them?

I’ve got 11 skeins of Lite Lopi in Oatmeal ordered from Woodland Woolworks and soon we’ll be ponch, ponch, ponching along.

It's Official …
… I'm getting dumber. As in stupid, not deaf (although RockStar had a hearing test today … playing that devil music too loud). I took an IQ test at eMode and scored 118. My last IQ score in high school was 125. But a 7-point fall-off in 23 years ain't too bad, is it? Is it? (reassure me here, folks)

Performance Anxiety in Preschool
On Halloween, we hang out with our neighbors, Eric & Elizabeth, both of whom are doctors serving in the Navy here in San Diego. Their darling 2-1/2 year old daughter Sara bobbles back and forth between our two driveways in all her cuteness during the evening candy distribution. Eric was saying that he and Elizabeth just had a parent-teacher conference and were told that Sara is doing great, but that they (the parents) needed to work with her on her "triangle and square recognition." Excuse me? The child is 2-1/2 years old. I believe that at 2-1/2 I was busy ordering my best friend Tomako around and cadging donuts from the neighbors during daily stroller rides with my mom. I think I learned my square and triangle recognition by whether my (square) sandwich was cut into 2 pieces diagonally (triangle). I'm sure Mom worked with me on basic stuff, but I'm also sure we didn't get quite so, well, granular with our learning. Ah, progress.

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