Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Made a few more inches of progress on Neckdown Summer Cardi; pictures on Friday.

Postal Precociousness!
Looky what I got in the mail! Yummy Schachenmayr Diva ribbon yarn in #32 Burgundy, from YarnXpress, and Mission Falls 1824 Cotton in I401 Chicory, from Ram Wools, to make the Side-to-Side Ribbon Pullover and the cardigan from the Ballet Twin-Set, both featured in the Spring 04 issue of Interweave Knits:

Bet You Didn't Know This
RockStar recently informed me that the Alpaca is the Official Animal Mascot of the Heavy Metal music genre. "No animal is as metal as an alpaca," he states emphatically (whatever that means). So I've promised to make him an alpaca sweater if he goes to college (we're currently in the midst of intense family discussions about this). There is a condition attached to this sweater: there will be no "appropriation" of said sweater by future girlfriends. "That won't happen," he says. "Oh, yes it will," I reply, "If the girl has an ounce of taste, she'll try to sweet-talk you and say, 'Oh, honey, it's so cold tonight, can I borrow that nice, warm sweater your stepmom made you, to wear home?" (batting eyelashes furiously) Poof! There goes the $200 (minimum!) alpaca sweater.

Gotta run -- busy day ahead! Happy Wednesday, everyone.

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