Monday, May 03, 2004

Made some nice progress on Neckdown Summer Cardi this weekend:

I offloaded the sleeve stitches onto holders and knit the first round of just the body stitches while watching The Sopranos last night. At this rate, I might have this cardi ready for Mother's Day instead of Mom's BDay in July, but that might be wishful thinking. Think I'll stick to my original plan of ordering "Mona Lisa Smile" on DVD, instead.

I really like Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece. It has just enough wool (20% merino) to give the yarn a tiny bit of springiness. And it doesn't have that dusty, dry cotton feel that drives me up the wall (a major plus in my book).

RockStar's Sunday Concert
... was a smashing success. He was so funny; after the concert, DH and I asked him how it felt to perform live. His answer: "It was awesome! When can I do it again?" Oh dear. We've created a monster :-) He was a bit nervous before the concert, but wasn't one bit nervous while performing, which I find incredible in a 15yo teenager. DH and I are very proud of him. It's moments like yesterday that make up for all the cr*p that's occurred previously. He performed two rather avant garde pieces, one of his own composition. We weren't allowed to take pictures while the students were performing, at the teacher's request, but I got a quick shot of RockStar warming up prior to the concert:

Happy Monday, everyone.

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