Monday, May 24, 2004

Pass It On Down
Hi, all. Still haven't loaded new batteries into the digital camera to take pictures of Neckdown Summer Cardi, so instead here's a scan of a picture my mom took of me and my niece.

It was taken during my vacation in Portland in April. My 6yo niece Olivia is watching intently as I load up "Spoolie," the spool knitter (Olivia named him). She's just gotten out of her bath, so she has her jammies on and her beautiful long hair is pinned up. Notice the skein of pink acrylic tucked strategically beneath my left boob (I'm so efficient). I have my ultra-serious Teacher Face on. Olivia's finger dexterity isn't quite there to handle Spoolie, so Mom and I tucked him away until my visit later this summer. I made about 2 yards of pink I-cord, and sewed it into a flat cinnamon bun shape, for a dolly rug. Olivia loved it. Her role was to give Spoolie a gentle tug every 5th row or so. She was really into it, and kept asking, "Is it time for a gentle tug, yet?" What a sweetie! I look forward to our future knitting sessions.

Hush Hush, Sweet Charlotte
I caved. I ordered yarn to make Charlotte's Web. I wanted to order my Koigu yarn from ThreadBear, but they sold out of the colorway I most wanted (Wild Berry) on the day it was posted on Rob's blog! Plus, ThreadBear had KPPPM at a better price. Next time for sure I'll order from the boys. I've heard nothing but good things about them, and that shop of theirs is to die for, judging from the pictures on Rob's blog! Lucky, lucky knitters that live near that shop :-)

So I cobbled together my own Wild Berry Koigu mix:

Now if I can only find my copy of the pattern ... it was exiled to the garage after the Great RockStar House Flood of 2003, and has yet to be located ...

Happy Monday, everyone!

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