Monday, November 08, 2004

Lotsa knitting progress on the Panera throw (on Skein 8 of 14), but no time for pictures this morning. Maybe manana? Hokay.

Does anyone else have recurring dreams? I have 2 that recur fairly frequently, and have for many years. One involves houses. I dream up the most labyrintine(?) houses possible -- rooms leading into rooms leading into more rooms. The decoration style varies, too. For instance, last night I dreamed that my father, sister and I were heading to the beach for a weekend, like we often did when we were kids and young adults. However, we drove directly onto the beach in our car and picked a beach house from any number scattered along the shore. Apparently, one could just drive up to these houses/cabanas, open the door, and stay there! For free! What fun. The one I dreamed up had rather '70s decor -- avocado green Herculon covered furniture (ew!) and paneled walls (double-ew!).

My other recurring dream theme involves freeways -- specifically on and offramps. I dream up ramps that soar hundreds of feet into the sky and curve across rivers. BTW, in real life I have a fear of heights. Veddy interesting!

The weight loss saga continues -- I'm down 17 lbs. as of this morning, but I'm a bit dehydrated, so it may go up a pound from all the water I plan on drinking today. The Medifast boogie is boring, but it's certainly effective.

And I ran yesterday! Total of about 3 miles, and I ran about half of it. Knees are holding up *so far*. Keeping fingers crossed.

Happy Monday, everyone!

5:36 pm Update: OMG! I've made it onto The Monkey's blog list! Now I have to be interesting and amusing! Oh heck. I'll just be myself. I'm sure he'd approve of that. He's having a birthday. Go wish him a happy one!

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