Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Mondo fuzz in the mail. On top, Jo Sharp Rare Comfort Kid Mohair in Tranquil. From Elann. On the bottom, Lion Brand Chenille Sensations in "Amsterdam Print," from Smiley's Yarns:

Not sure what the Jo Sharp mohair will be for ... it was too good a buy to pass up, so into the Stash-o-Matic it goes. I purchased 6 skeins of the chenille; I'm thinking of making 2 scarves (3 skeins each) in a ripple (feather 'n fan) stitch for my mom and sister for this winter.

Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch
The Panera throw continues apace. I'm finding that like most ribbon yarns, Berroco Suede likes to twist while you knit it. After a frustrating evening spent untwisting every row or so, I happened upon a solution:

I popped an elastic ponytail band onto the ball, and spool out about a yard at a time for knitting. Works like a charm. I just attached Skein 6 of 14 last night:

Happy Tuesday, everyone. Get out there and vote!

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