Monday, August 25, 2003

Check the Lost & Found
  • Lost: (1) copy of Twists & Turns Newsletter, Winter '01 issue. Last Seen: Saturday, knitting in the car, waiting for RockStar to finish his guitar lesson.

  • I was toodling along nicely on Aran Go Round, until I decided to check on a detail in the pattern. Uh oh. My Winter '01 copy of the Twists & Turns Newsletter had disappeared. Completely. Totally. Disappeared. Retraced my steps. Searched the car. No luck. Grrrr. Wasn't smart enough to work from a photocopy, of course not. So I ordered another copy from Janet Szabo. Will sit in the penalty box and feel shame until new copy arrives. Will immediately make a photocopy to work from.

    I don't lose things often. Seriously -- I always know where my keys, wallet, sunglasses, purse, etc. are at all times. But on the rare occasion I do lose something, it's gone for good. Because I never, ever find these infrequently lost items. Ever. It freaks me out. Where do these things go, that they're so completely gone? Weird.

    So here I am, manning my Lost & Found Booth, ever hopeful that the pair of Guess sunglasses I lost in 1996 will somehow find their way back to me.

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