Thursday, August 21, 2003

Oh, this is too funny! Found this link on Knitting Goddess #9’s site – knit your very own Fry-Up! (Brit-Speak for breakfast). She lists it on her future project list as "The Coolest Bag Ever." I could see myself proudly wearing this bag circa 1972, with Famolare shoes. Anyone remember Famolares -- those crazy shoes with the wavy sole? I wanted a pair of those shoes in the worst way when I was about 10 years old. Never got 'em, though -- my mother simply could not afford them (disabled single mom, 3 kids under 10, unreliable child-support -- you get the picture). However, a classmate of mine at St. Stephen’s parochial school in Portland had them. Tracy Piazza, the Pizza Heiress, had it ALL -- multiple pairs of Famolares, long golden corkscrew curls, immaculate white Peter Pan blouses and crisply dry-cleaned school uniforms, and a fully finished basement for cool slumber parties. I was sooo jealous of Tracy Piazza. She was a very nice girl, though, so it was impossible to hate her. And her family’s pizza is still sold in grocery stores in Portland.

Aran Go Round Keeps Going Round
Cast on for the 2nd sleeve of Aran Go Round on my break today. Got a few rows picked off. I really look forward to getting this 2nd sleeve done and uniting the sleeves and body. That’s where the payoff is – the cabling around the yoke. This endless purling feels like finishing all my vegetables before I get my dessert.

Ordered this from Ram Wools today. It’s a 65"x35" shawl in Marks & Kattens Soft Mohair. I ordered it in the Soft Grey shade shown. It was only $14.00, including the pattern (what a deal!). Not sure who it’s going to be for, yet …

Brent over at Beetle Blog has completed an absolutely stellar Inishmore, in Lion Brand Fisherman's Wool. His Counted Cross Stitch kicks major bootie, too. Wander over and admire his terrific work.

Your Culture/Couture Link for Today
Cruise on over to Cat Prin. Find the perfect little outfit for your feline friend … all very chou-kawaii (Super Cute!). Being a literary kind of gal, I particularly like the Anne of Green Gables outfit, but suspect Fern might have issues with it. She’s very centered and secure in her "cat-ness" and doesn't need help with her "look," thank you very much.

Almost Friday … hang in there, everyone.

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