Tuesday, August 26, 2003

Isn't This Cute?
A freebie pattern sheet from Michael's for a fun, furry little purse using Lion Brand Fun Fur and Microfiber yarns. Snapped up 3 colorways in turquoise, orange and fuschia, for 3 nieces at Christmas. I'm going to try to get one started this weekend. Looks kinda like a Tribble from Star Trek, with a handle.

My mother says I have a long history of making purses, starting with my baby blanket. Apparently, when I was about 4-1/2, I decided I was a "big girl" and didn't need a "soff bankie" anymore. So mom turned me loose with safety scissors and a big blunt-end embroidery needle and floss, and I cobbled together 2 crooked little purses. She still has them tucked away somewhere. Then I learned to crochet at around age 8, and made several little flap-front purses with button closures. These went along with the mesh-crochet "Juliet" caps that Janice Pohoky and I made and sold on the playground for $1 each. We didn't use a pattern -- just started with a chain-4 circle and increased wildly until they fit. We could crank out 1 each at lunch recess. They were crocheted in the wildest colors that Red Heart yarn had available in 1970, including that godawful "Mexicali" color. We then immediately spent our money at bake sales on the playground. So much for reinvesting the profits!

AGR Update
Round and round, like a dance of snow
In a dazzling drift, as its guardians, go
Floating the women faded for ages,
Sculptured in stone on the poet's pages.
Robert Browning, 1812-1889

Aran Go Round continues nicely. I'm about halfway up the 2nd sleeve and am hoping my new copy of Twists & Turns arrives before I finish. If not, oh well. I've got 3 furry purses a 'waitin.

Janet Szabo, the editor of the Twists & Turns Newsletter, has a blog! Read it here. I look forward to reading the blog of someone who's work I admire.

Apropo of Nothing
Verdict on the new Diet Pepsi Vanilla: yuck. Too sweet. Too much vanilla flavoring.

RockStar, with Groupie Dachshund Hubbs, is rocking out playing "Johnny B. Goode."

Fern could care less.

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