Thursday, August 28, 2003

True Confessions Time
Marcia of Purls Before Swine fame is calling herself the Barney Fife of Knitting due to her Suki bag not behaving during the mystical felting process. Well, pardners, I've got my own Doofus Knitting Moment to 'fess up to.

Let's set the scene: Aran Go Round is zipping right along. The body is knit up the armholes, and I've nearly got the 2nd sleeve done. So I hold it up to the 1st sleeve for length comparison. Length looks good, but what's this? Why does Sleeve #1 look a bit narrower than Sleeve #2? Could it be … oh, crud. A quick stitch count reveals that Sleeve #1 has 5 less stitches than Sleeve #2, which has the correct number of stitches. 5 stitches in worsted weight yarn equals about a 1" difference in circumference. Into the Frog Pond goes Sleeve #1. Into the Penalty Box goes our Knitter Who Shoulda Known Better.

Riddle Me This, Batman
Why does every beauty product I buy have an action word in the name? Here's a few:

  • Effect

  • Correct

  • Rejuvenate

  • Resurgence

  • At least the high-end beauty products have French names, so they sound a little less severe:

  • Chanel: Aquamousse, Lotion Tendre

  • Lancome: Bienfait Total, Impactive, Sensation Totale

  • I'm trying to head into this aging thing with grace and style, but it's a tough road. When you see Cindy Crawford doing a Clairol Nice and Easy haircolor commercial, you know you've turned a corner.

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