Friday, August 22, 2003

Well! I Certainly Feel Better!
Apparently, we rockers have a defender in Ronnie James Dio (Holy Diver!) If you're gonna front like a rock star, you gotta throw down the hand symbol properly. This choice tidbit comes from Alison, a very Brainy Lady indeed. She is also hosting a Knitting Rock-Along that incorporates the IRO (International Rock On) hand gesture. RockStar informed me that Avril Lavigne has "totally messed up" the IRO. Her version looks more like bullhorns. A slight but important difference, he assures me solemnly.

Which reminds me, it's my turn to ferry him to his weekly guitar lesson tomorrow morning. Then it's on to our bi-weekly Rob Halford Stalking Session at the local Borders bookstore. Mr. Halford, the lead singer of newly reunited band Judas Priest, lives here in San Diego and browses at Borders nearly every week. RockStar is determined to meet his idol and have him sign his authentic 1982 Judas Priest "Screaming for Vengeance" roadie jacket (purchased off of Ebay with his allowance). The employees at Borders have taken up RockStar's cause and have passed along his interest in meeting Mr. Halford to the man himself. Reportedly, he's quite tickled to find out he has fans as young as RockStar. We just haven't managed to cross paths, yet. Cross your fingers for us, folks, 'cause I'm really sick of going to Borders nearly every damn week. I've exhausted my favorite sections (knitting, DIY, horror anthologies) and have taken to cruising the more esoteric sections of the store (Jesus for Dummies is available, in case you were wondering).

I'll tie up this topic neatly AND segue into knit-talk by saying that I've always wanted to convert this pattern from the Little Badgers Knit Book to an adult size. Might do it someday, too. Rock on.

On the Knitting Front
A little more progress made on Sleeve #2 for Aran Go Round. Nearly have the cuff completed. Now that our air conditioning is working again (a mere $500 later), I look forward to a weekend of housework avoidance and knitting fun :-) Pictures on Monday.

Lock Up the Visa, She's Goin' Shopping!
Actually, the damage has been done. Ordered a Fair Isle pattern and Adrienne Vittadini Spring '03 book from Woodland Woolworks, and some old Vogue Knitting magazines & vintage patterns from Laurie Kynaston's Vintage Knitting. I think my addiction to knitting patterns is as strong as the addiction to knitting itself.

My tentative relationship with the Clothes Hangar 950 (aka the ProForm Elliptical Trainer Model 950) continues. I've managed to haul my carcass out of bed at 5:30am each weekday morning since my return from vacation. This morning I decided to end the week with a bang and did the full 30-minute workout. I'd been doing the 20-min workout prior to today. We'll see how the ol' legs feel tomorrow. The cool thing about the CH950 is that it's IFIT-compatible. IF I had a computer nearby, I could log onto and hook up the trainer to the computer and have the IFIT website drive the trainer directly. Unfortunately, the computer's in the other room, so that's out. But I did order two CDs from their website -- one with a 30-minute workout and another with a 45-minute workout (I'm being optimistic here, folks). You plug your CD player into the trainer and the CD drives the trainer with a new workout. Pretty cool, huh? "Pete" and "Robin," my new personal trainers on CD, will be arriving in the mail soon. I'm feeling oh-so-virtuous AND virtual!

Have a nice weekend, everyone.

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