Friday, October 31, 2003

From the Ashes, a Phoenix Rises
The weather has turned from dry, dangerous Santa Ana winds to cool, rainy breezes from the ocean. The fires are contained in most areas. People are picking up the pieces of their lives with help from family, community, and in some cases, insurance companies.

Lots of fundraising efforts going on via the local radio stations and charitable organzations. Some of the good works are on more of a grassroots level. DH and I had dinner last night with a group of friends from his early morning spinning class (bikes, not yarn :-). One woman attendee's company does accounting work for the Barona Band of Mission Indian's casino and resort. The Barona reservation itself has 95 houses; 30 of them were lost in the fire. So this woman and a co-worker were working late last night, making up Halloween goodie baskets for the Indian kids on the reservation.

Feeling blessed beyond description, I'm turning this blog knitward starting with Monday's entry. Have a happy, safe Halloween, everyone.

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