Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Got a little more done on Cabled Hoodie. The 2nd set of bobbles has been started:

A topic that comes up once in awhile on the knit lists involves the best methods of "choking" your bobbles. Much earnest discussion is generated as knitters share their tips on how to get these little knitted nuggets to "pop" from the surface of your knitting, without any gaps or sags. These little bobbles are almost triangular in shape -- starting out with 5 stitches and ending with 1. But they seem to be properly choked 'n popped, and I'm happy with how they're turning out. A funny side note: as a design major in college, it was hard to keep a straight face during a class on print technology that involved discussing the characteristics of the 4-color printing process, properties and behaviors of printing ink, and the intricacies of "choking and spreading." (oh my!)

Also made another Bernat Boa Eyelash Scarf -- this one in fantastic shades of teal green, seafoam green, cerulean blue, and dusty blue (sorry -- can't help describing colors in terms of how they'd be named in the 64-color Crayola Crayon box):

Ooh, That Smell!
Gib had an entry on Monday about finding a bottle of Coty's Wild Musk Oil at a flea market. Wow -- that brought back many fragrant memories from my high school days (mid to late 70s). Here's a list of "do you remember …" fragrances. I'm sticking to drugstore varieties, as that was the place I shopped. I didn't start using department store fragrances until I was out of high school and could occasionally afford them. But you know what? I still fall back on my old standby, Jovan's Musk for Women, Cologne Concentrate. I consistently get compliments whenever I wear that fragrance. There are asterisks (*) by fragrances I personally wore back in the day:

Sweet Honesty*

Sweet Earth

Heaven Sent


Musk for Women*

Baby Soft*
Fresh Lemon


Gloria Vanderbilt

Old English Lavender

Have a pleasant and fragrant Wednesday, everyone.

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