Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Spin Me a Yarn, Tell Me a Tale
A tale of upcoming knitting fun! Mr. Postman delivered some goodies over the last few days:

Mmmm-mmmm Good!

In front, Lion Brand WoolEase in Mushroom (from Lion Brand). In back, 2 skeins of Schoeller Esslinger Geisha in Blue Cloud and Roma Tomato, respectively (from Elann).

The WoolEase is earmarked for Ridgeway Lite, for my brother. But the tomato-red Geisha, an acrylic/mohair mix, is slated for this:

Here Comes the Fuzz!

Years ago, I had a tomato red mohair sweater that I knit from a very similar yarn. It had a super-deep cowl neck, very exaggerated raglan shaping, dolman sleeves, and an 8" fitted, ribbed waistband. This sweater disappeared in a wardrobe purge many years ago, and I've regretted getting rid of it ever since. The Schachenmayr pattern is the closest thing I've found to the original. I haven't decided if I want to recreate the ribbed waistband on this new, updated version.

The blue mohair is headed for the stash. It was too good a buy not to indulge in a little extra!

Aran Poncho Redux
I finally got a shot of the Aran Poncho before I wrapped it up to send to my sister in Portland:

Bye Bye, Poncho!

I know she'll get a lot more use out of it than I ever would. Also in the package is the Pink Fiesta Upside Downer for my niece. Stealth gifting for the girls!

From the Mouths of Babes, or, Kids Say the Darndest Things
The Scene: Dinnertime at Chez Yarnover's former location, a tumbledown beach house in LaJolla. The Time: About 9 years ago. In Attendance: Myself, dear departed MIL, and RockStar-at-Age-6. The Menu: Macaroni & Cheese. RockStar has just finished a good-sized portion. It's one of his very favorite dishes. He leans back in his chair, surveys his surroundings, heaves a contented sigh, and says, "I'm sure glad I'm not lactose-intolerant!" Me too, big guy, me too.

Happy Wednesday, everyone.

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