Monday, February 09, 2004

Started one of the sleeves on the Navy Upside Downer for my nephew:

And finished another Fuzzy Keyhole Scarf. This one is Lion Brand's Fun Fur, in Champagne:

I Have No Excuse for This Behavior
When I shop by myself, I'm apt to fall into a kind of fugue state. The symptoms are eerily similar to reported accounts of persons believing aliens abducted them: I literally "lose time." I can wander quite contentedly for hours in large chain stores like Target and WalMart. My husband doesn't like it when I do this; I tend to fill up my little basket with junk I don't need, often to the tune of $50 or more. Case in point: Wandering around WalMart one night last week, I smelled a very yummy scent right at nose level. What was it, you ask? Why, a bottle of Mary-Kate & Ashley Styling Hair Texturizer! The scent was intoxicating: Cotton candy with coconut overtones. Into the basket it went! Yes, I, a soon-to-be-42-year-old woman, supported the Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen Juggernaut. I have no excuse. Sometimes you just gotta have cotton candy 'n coconut hair texturizer.

Happy Monday, everyone.

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