Monday, February 23, 2004

Oh Goodie, It's a Hoodie!
Got the sleeves cast on and started this weekend for Cabled Hoodie. I was a bit concerned about the looseness of the cuffs (70 stitches of K2P2 ribbing), until I read further. After 3" of K2P2 ribbing on 70st, the pattern calls for a reduction row of K2, P2tog, reducing the ribbing to 51 stitches. This continues for another inch, and helps the cuff stay folded back onto the sleeve. The reduced ribbing is tighter to the wrist, and is hidden by the folded-back cuff. Mystery solved!

Two! Two! Two Sleeves at Once!

Close-up of Sleeve Underside, Showing 1" of Reduction Ribbing

Mystery Solved: His Name is John
Absolutely loved the last episode of Sex & The City. Most regular viewers identify themselves with one of the 4 main characters. DH says I am definitely Charlotte (I agree). Because of my aforementioned Charlotte-ness, I loved that each of the main characters ended up settled and in love with someone special. And Carrie ended up with Mr. Big! The second-to-last shot of the show focused on screen of Carrie's cellphone, which was ringing with a call from the at-last-revealed-name of Mr. Big. Appropriately enough, Carrie's cellphone was a sparkly bling-bling model totally encrusted with pink Swarovski crystals. Sigh. Wuv, twue wuv.

Happy Monday, everyone.

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