Monday, February 02, 2004

I've Been Remiss
... in my blogging duties! The wheels sorta fell off the bus last week, and for that I apologize. I'm still working on the Cable Hoodie, but have put it aside briefly to work on another Upside Downer pullover. This one is for my 7yo nephew, and I'm making it out of Wool-Ease in the Tartan Twist shade. I stated in an earlier post that this shade was discontinued, which is incorrect. I saw it recently on Lion Brand's website, and it is still a current shade. It's a little hard to photograph because it's so dark, but I gave it a shot:

Pardon My Messy Light Table!

I'm about 1" away from the waistband ribbing. I'm making the sweater in a kid's size 12 since nephew is a big kid for 7. His parents are both tall; my brother is 6'1" and his wife is 5'11". They're both blond and good looking; their 3 kids are all blond and good looking. They look like could step right into an Eddie Baurer or L.L. Bean catalog. DH and I call them The Blond Family.

A Weighty Subject Continues
It's official. On Saturday, I reached the halfway point of my Medifast weight loss journey, at 33lbs lost. I want to take a 1-day break, but I think I'll keep going while the momentum is there. I took a 1-day break during Week 5 (the week showing the "0" loss), and it stalled my progress for an entire week. It's not so much a morale thing -- it's a cost thing. This diet is effective, but it ain't cheap, so I don't want to waste any money just to satisfy a doughnut or pasta craving. Capisci?

Word to the Wise
If you wanna revive a fading career, engineer a wardrobe malfunction. Works every time.

Happy Monday, everyone.

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