Friday, April 30, 2004

Made some progress on Neckdown Summer Cardi over the last few days:

I love the eyelets formed by yarnovers along the raglan lines -- very pretty. I'm also liking this Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece -- the 20% merino wool makes the cotton a little less offensive to knit with :-)

I bought my first issue of INKnitters the other day. Although this magazine has some terrific articles on technique, the patterns have always left me cold. But I found a very cute little cardi in this issue that I might make up in cotton rather than wool:

Our Budding Segovia
RockStar has his first classical guitar recital this Sunday. It will be held in a rehearsal hall/classroom on the University of California San Diego campus, and is a joint production of RockStar's guitar teacher and his wife, a voice teacher. There'll be about 16 students (half guitar, half voice) performing. If our video camera performs properly (don't ask about the time the battery died in the courtyard of the Louvre, right at the start of our tour of Paris), then I should have some pictures on Monday. RockStar will be performing an original piece he wrote himself. I wish his paternal grandfather was still alive to see this. The man was a high school band director and composing musician, and would be thrilled to see RockStar composing and performing his own original music.

Watch What You Throw Away!
Or it may end up at this place. I've always been fascinated by the detritus of people's lives -- the things they discard, leave behind, give up. Apparently, someone else is, too! Found Magazine is an amazing online collection of stuff discarded by people. Link courtesy of Jenny.

Happy Friday, everyone.

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