Thursday, July 01, 2004

Go, Speed Racer!
Summer Breeze Cardi is slowly inching along. I almost finished the right front during RockStar's guitar lesson:

Notice the mondo bottle of Diet Pepsi keeping watch over my project. It's the Go Juice of Choice for this Caffeine Achiever!

Not sure how much I'll get done tonight ... I seem to have, well, gotten a bit too enthusiastic with my running. Seems that going from zero exercise to running 3 miles 4x per week (in an 8-week period) is too much too soon for my poor knees. I've developed "runner's knee" on my left knee -- pain directly under the kneecap, even when I'm not running. I'm going to try to get an acupuncture treatment sometime today to relieve the pain. My trainer is going to give me a bunch of exercises to strengthen my quadriceps (the source of the problem). Pooh! This is the first exercise I've enjoyed in years, and I don't want to stop, but I also don't want to develop a problem that might really mess me up later. Grrr. Wish me luck trying to get this figured out!

I'm going to console myself with the new Summer Knitty.

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