Monday, July 12, 2004

Oh, what a beautiful morning!
Oh, what a beautiful day!
I've got a beautiful feeling
Everything's going my way
Oklahoma, 1955

Got some knittin' done on the Summer Sky Poncho!

Pretty, huh? I'm about 2/3 through the 3rd skein. When I finish that skein, I'm going to pop this baby off the needles and see what I've got. There's a slight chance this might end up as a shawl, depending on what I see when it's off the needles. Whee!

Pins 'n Needles
The first acupuncture appointment was interesting. The needles did not go in my knees ... I had 2 on the inside of each elbow, and 2 more on each ankle. The needles didn't hurt going in, except for a slight ache when she hit the "spot." Then the ache went away. She left me to "cook" on the table for about 15 minutes, while soft music played in the background. I dozed off (very common, according to the acupuncturist), and woke refreshed. Then the acupuncturist did a deep-tissue massage on the muscles of my inner left leg to release the tightness that's contributing to the knee pain. I stayed off the knee (no running) all weekend, and today, it feels pretty darn good. I swam on Sunday, and that also helped. I'm going to try a very light running workout on Tuesday, and then I have a swim scheduled with my trainer on Wednesday at (cough!) 6:00 am, and another acupuncture treatment that afternoon. I will get this figured out!

Have a nice Monday, everyone!

12:30pm Pacific Time: I re-read this post and didn't care for the endless whining about my knee. I guess the only point I really want to convey amidst the crybaby stuff is how much I was enjoying running after so many years of unsatisfying exercise ... how light and free I felt running outside, in the sun and wind ... and how incredibly, terribly disappointed I was to have to stop and nurse this injury. I promise to stop whining about it.

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