Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Tour de Crochet
Now that DH is fully assimilated into the Cult of Triathlon, our TV viewing has changed. For instance, there was much monitoring of the Tour de France this holiday weekend.

Me, I continued my participation in the Tour de Crochet, aka Summer Breeze Cardi. I had to frog and re-do the right front -- I'd done it in the wrong size -- durr! After re-doing it, I started the back and got about 4.5" done this weekend:

I left my heart
in Delta, British Columbia ...

Elann, Elann, what is this hold you have over me? Every Tuesday and Thursday, I log onto your site with breathless anticipation and, dare I say it, dread of what lovely little yarn goodie you'll have posted to tempt my heart and wallet! Today was no exception ... Jo Sharp Soho Summer cotton yarn and one of my favorite sweaters, Chaise. Sigh. I surrender. I ordered the book, and enough of the Putty colorway for Chaise. Elann, if loving you is wrong, I don't wanna be right.

Happy Tuesday (Monday!), everyone.

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