Wednesday, October 08, 2003

At a Loss for Words?
Not anymore! Click on over to The Surrealist Compliment Generator and come up with the appropriate bit-o-schmooze for anyone! My personal favorite? "Marmots will stick to you in Delaware." (wha?) Link courtesy of Flanthrower.

One Door Closes, Another Opens
Now that the VH1 Shawl is nearing completion, it's time to turn our gaze forward, to future projects on the horizon. First up is this Lighthouse Gansey sweater for my maternal uncle. He loves lighthouses and just completed a tour of lighthouses on the Oregon Coast:

Shine Your Light on Me

The pattern is from Blackberry Ridge Woolen Mills. I'm making it out of Lion Brand Woolease sport weight, in the Fisherman shade (an aran-type color). My nifty new Boye Needlemaster kit will be called into play for this project.

Simultaneously, we (the Royal We, dontcha know) will be working on a LoTech Sweat in a variegated shade of Patons Canadiana that I snagged cheap from Smiley's. The LoTech Sweat will be my TV Knitting Project -- lotsa rows of easy knitting fun.

We just had Tivo installed, so I'll be needin' some easy knittin' while catching up on all the Law & Order episodes that have stacked up over the last few weeks. Our TV died last week and during the couple of days it took to purchase a replacement Tivo kept chugging away, recording all the programs we'd set up with a Season Pass before said TV died. How often do we watch Law & Order in this house? Does the fact that our littlest parrot makes the Dunh-DUNH sound answer that question? I rest my case.

Happy Wednesday, everyone.

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