Monday, October 13, 2003

The Great Race Continues
Lighthouse Gansey is in the lead, with LoTech Sweat right behind:

Sweating Lightly

LoTech may go the Way of the Frog. I'm thinkin' it's a bit big, even for my luxurious caboose. The Tale of the Tape will tell all, tonight.

Radical Thespianism
RockStar's absolute favorite class is 2nd period Drama. He's quite good at physical comedy, and was handpicked by his drama teacher to play Falstaff in last year's final presentation of Shakespearean scenes. However, he can't quite leave the dramatics at the schoolhouse steps. The world is his stage, and anything at hand can become an instant prop:

Sprite Oughta Pay US for Product Placement

As much as this kid drives us nuts, we love his creative free spirit and love of life.

What a Shame
We went, en famile, to see the new Quentin Tarantino movie Kill Bill on Sunday (that's a whole blog entry in itself). Before the movie, the audience is treated to (or subjected to, depending on your view) the "latest in music from hot new artists." Occasionally, between the latest gangsta rapper or wannabe diva, there's a jewel. Yesterday's was a velvet-voiced singer named Eva Cassidy. She had a voice reminiscent of a young Bonnie Raitt. DH and I made note of the name, and listened to a few song snippets on Amazon when we got home. As we poked around the songlists on her albums, we found out she died at age 33 in 1996, of melanoma. At the time of her death, she was still a virtual unknown. It's only after death that she's developed a strong following.

I can't describe how incredibly disappointing this was, to discover a new artist and become very excited over her work, and then find out she's gone, so young and under such tragic circumstances. I'm still going to order some of her work, but it'll be bittersweet listening.

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