Wednesday, October 15, 2003

The Race is Over
LoTech Sweat has taken over the lead, permanently I'm afraid. That's what you get when you race worsted weight yarn on Size 8's against sport weight on 4's. A blowout. At least an overeager fan wasn't there to grab my needles. Lighthouse Gansey will be one of those slow projects to savor.

Racing Along on Big Needles

Strong Enough for a Man, But Knit by a Woman

Blurry, But Trust Me, There's a Pattern There

Oh, the Joys of the Golden State
First, our governor gets recalled. This is not a bad thing. Gray Davis blew through millions in surplus budget and still had almost 3 years in his term. Buh-bye, Davis. So the Governator gets elected. This'll be interesting. Today's drama in Southern California? We have over 70,000 union grocery clerks on strike. I live in a unique part of San Diego called Tierrasanta. It's a small community located hard against the former Miramar Naval Air Station ("Top Gun" school used to be located here), and surrounded by unbuildable land on the other 3 sides. A nicely secluded area in the middle of a big city. We love it here, except when the only two major grocery stores in the community have angry, striking clerks stalking about and there isn't another grocery store for (literally) miles. So we drive those extra miles because we do sympathize with the clerks and don't want to cross their picket lines. But another quirk of San Diego is our abnormally high gasoline prices, even compared to the rest of the state. I guarantee that you aren't paying nearly $2.00 per gallon wherever you live. Sigh. Please settle soon, clerks. I know you want to get back to work, and I just want to go to my local grocery store that's only 1 mile from my house. Thank you.

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