Wednesday, October 29, 2003

Hanging in There
Thank you everyone, for your kind comments. They really do help -- it's nice to know you're not shouting into a void. I checked for comments periodically throughout the day, and each new one brought a smile to my face. Thank you all, again :-)

The air quality is still very, very poor. A high pressure weather system is keeping the smoke pushed down with nowhere to escape. It's so thick that the sun can't penetrate, so it's much cooler than normal. Sort of a mini nuclear winter. Last night at about 5:00 pm, the sun was a huge, blood-red ball hanging low in the sky. Very weird.

DH went to the gym this morning and found that the latest health recommendation is that people not work out, even indoors. The air quality is that bad. San Diego schools are closed again today. My nose is stuffed up like I have a head cold, but it's all from the smoke.

On a more positive note, the forecast calls for the high pressure system to start breaking down by tonight, with onshore wind flows that will help blow the smoke eastward. Cross your fingers, folks.

The fires are still burning, and several communities are still in danger. Keep sending positive thoughts in our direction -- they're much needed and appreciated.

Update, 2:00 pm Pacific Time: The wind direction has changed and is blowing in from the ocean. It's amazing how much the smoke has cleared in just a few hours. It's already much easier to breathe. I went home at lunchtime and opened up all my windows for an hour to air the house out.

The historic town of Julian, known for its apple crops and picturescue beauty, is still in great danger. Firefighters are making a last ditch effort to save the downtown area, with its wooden buildings.

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