Thursday, January 29, 2004

Darkness Falls on Tierrasanta
I wanted to show you my progress on another Upside Downer I'm making for my 7yo nephew. Really, I did. But at around 6pm last night, as RockStar and I were watching a Tivo'd episode of VH1 Classic's Metal Mania show, the power went out. Here's what we looked like:

Uh, honey, did you pay the electric bill?

It was a very strange and prolonged blackout. It only affected about 12 houses on our side of the street, and about 5 on the other side. In fact, our neighbors immediately next door and the ones directly across the street had power. Two big power company trucks were prowling around and settled on a circuit box across the street. Something must have broken big-time, because it took almost 6 hours to restore power. In a surreal touch, the power came back on at the stroke of midnight.

Now that I'm firmly back in the 21st century, I'll get some pictures posted tomorrow. Really! I will.

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