Wednesday, April 21, 2004

And in the night you'll hear the voices calling down and they will stay
But only time will tell the answer you've been blinded from today.
Queensryche, Blinded

I haven't done any knitting worth speaking of, but I did start the crocheted Shades of Roses Painted Scarf last night. OMG, that thread is tiny. I'm working with three strands held together and it's still tiny! Here's a shot of the 8 shades of Madeira 30wt Rayon Machine Embroidery Thread I chose for the ombre shading. The thread colors range from dark rose red to white (Madeira colors 1281, 1186, 1110, 1117, 1116, 1108, 1013, 1001). Check out the "cheater" glasses I picked up at the drugstore to help see this darn thread:

I finished 2-1/2 rows last night before calling it quits. The cheater glasses are 1.25 power; I'm thinking of getting a pair of 2.5 or 3.0s for this project. Here's my progress thus far. Note the quarter in the picture to get an idea of scale. The finished scarf is 6-1/8" wide.

Bonding With Your Surly Teenager
RockStar and I have a ritual we perform 3x per week. We Tivo episodes of Metal Mania that air on the VH1 Classic channel on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. We watch them together when I get home from work. RockStar is allowed to be somewhat profane in his criticism of the endless procession of hair bands from the '80s that air with nauseating regularity on each episode. He forces me to endure the first 30 seconds of all Warrant videos, specifically because I think lead singer Jani Lane looks like an ugly, wet-eyed puppy. It's RockStar's way of harmlessly getting in some licks at the maternal parental unit. When parenting a surly teenager raging with hormones and insecurities, you take your victories where you can. Three times a week, RockStar and I get along. I'll take that.

Happy Wednesday, everyone.

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