Friday, April 02, 2004

Lend me some sugar!
I am your neighbor!
OutKast, "Hey Ya!"

It's Friday, I'm going on vacation to Portland next week, and life is good. Wanna come to our weekly department Breakfast Meeting later this morning? Doughnuts and knitting are on the menu. The doughnuts are from Tasty Doughnuts, one of the many Asian-owned doughnut businesses in San Diego. Of all the Asian Doughnut shops I've tried, Tasty beats 'em crullers-down. I've got my eye on the Apple Fritter (slap!) Hey! Hands off my fritter!


That big 'ol ball of cotton is Araucania Nature Cotton from Elann. The new Clover size 10 wooden needles are for the airplane next Wednesday. The doughnuts serve no purpose other than to induce a carb-stupor from 9-11am this morning. Again, life is good.

They Did Not Go Softly Into the Night …
San Diego has an upcoming Health and Beauty Expo, sponsored by Rite Aid Drugstores and to be held over 2 days at the San Diego Convention Center. There's heavy print and radio advertising touting this upcoming event, billed as a "Weekend of Health & Beauty Advice and FREE Entertainment!" A quick scan of the web site reveals "entertainment" activities such as FREE Photo and Fingerprint ID for Your Child, a NASCAR simulator, and FREE Hairstyling (their capitalization on FREE, not mine). Maybe you can get your hair styled while in the NASCAR simulator. Now that would be entertaining, wouldn't it?

The radio ads are pretty funny. The announcer is practically breathless with excitement, listing the (quote-unquote) celebrities that will be attending this life changing event! They're all what I would characterize as either "second-tier" and/or faded celebrities: Josie Bissett (actress from Melrose Place), Billy Blanks (Tai Bo creator), Jackie Zeman (actress on General Hospital). And the funniest part is at the end of the radio ad, there's the vocal equivalent of fine print when the announcer quickly says, "Celebrities subject to change without notice!" Hey! If I'm coming to see Josie Bissett, damn it, I want to see Josie Bissett! Not that chick from Baywatch Nights whose name I can't remember!

Happy Friday, everyone!

P.S. Spring Knitty is here! More yummy goodness, and no calories!

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