Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Don't you want to be me? I know I do."
Arthur Bach, "Arthur" (1981)

I'm back! It was a great trip -- ate too much, Portland had gorgeous weather while I was there -- but like many things in life, you gotta take the bitter with the sweet. I already miss my mom and sister like crazy! But it was good to see them, along with the rest of my family; just hard to say goodbye at the end of the visit. But I feel extremely blessed to have love waiting for me at home (The Handsome Prince!) Oh, and like the total dork that I am, I forgot my camera. So no Portland Pix :-(

I managed to knit maybe twice while I was gone. The Big Cotton Cardie is cardie-ing along on big honkin' size 10 needles and this crazy Araucania Nature Cotton that feels dry and dusty -- that feeling you get digging potatoes out of the garden when the ground is dry and crumbly. I much prefer the sproingy feel of wool. This sweater pattern is super easy, but I truly think it was translated from another language (German maybe? Who makes OnLine yarn? It's their pattern.) If I weren't a seasoned knitter, I would have gotten lost long ago in this pattern's colloquial take on English. The back and sleeves are combined, so we gotta lot of stitches crammed on the needles:

Back and Right Sleeve, Stretched Out

Closeup of Yarn. Looks like a Rag Mop, huh?

Managed to slip in a quick trip to the Yarn Garden in Portland. Also managed to not buy any yarn(!), but did indulge in 2 cute Sirdar patterns:

I lusted after the new 1000 Sweaters book, but managed to get a grip on myself.

Oh! Crochet Buddy Bron is thinking about starting a crochet blog. I feel a much-needed crochet renaissance is about to hit the blog world. I recently snuck a crochet blog in at the bottom of my Daily Reads List -- did anyone notice?

I also subscribed to this magazine, solely to get this pattern:

Shades of Roses Painted Scarf

I've ordered the Size 14 steel crochet hook (tiny! tiny!) and am searching for the rayon machine embroidery thread used (3 strands held together, 8 shades ranging from deep red to white!). Say it loud and say it proud! I Love Crochet!

It feels good to be back. Happy Wednesday, everyone.

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