Thursday, June 10, 2004

Ode to a Blog at One
A year ago, you were but a cyber-twinkle in your mama's eye. I fed you words and pixels at least 3x per week, and oh, how you grew! Your mama got you a comment program, and you began to chitchat with other blog owners. And what a large world you found! New friends from all over the place, and all so nice. You have a slightly younger sister who is Fun and Silly and often Very Wise.

During your first year there were awkward entries, late entries, silly entries, and angry entries. Entries about nothing, and entries about Very Serious Things. Love and pain, laughter and sorrow, confusion and clarity, fire and flood, knitting and crocheting.

Now you are in your second year, and continue to grow and change before my very eyes! Happy Birthday, Little Blog.

OK, everyone! Let's have cake!

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