Friday, January 09, 2004

Bait 'n Switch
Ha! You thought I was firmly ensconced in the making of the Cable Hoodie! But you were deceived by my superior slight-of-hand technique, and are dazzled by my ability to manipulate pink acrylic yarn for hours on end! (OK, I'll stop talking like I'm in a '70s Kung Fu movie)

Lo, feast your eyes on the Pink Fiesta Upside-Downer, a simple pullover for my 6yo niece, who adores pink. Pattern from Paton's Upside Downers (Easy Pullovers Knit from the Top Down). The yarn is Red Heart "Fiesta," a nice soft acrylic with a shiny, multi-colored rayon thread twisted into it. I chose Baby Pink, which has a thread that is light blue, sherbet orange, fuschia, pale yellow, and white, and makes a nice, flecked pattern as it's knit. Perfect for a girly-girl like my niece.

Blast from the Past
My mother has a unique sense of humor. She often chooses a "theme" for my birthday or Christmas presents, and this year was no different. This year's Christmas theme: Nuns. Yes, nuns. One of my stocking stuffer presents was this:

Oh, no! Look out, Tokyo! Go, go, Nunzilla! Yes, it's Nunzilla, a wind-up, walking, ruler-carrying nun that bears an amazing likeness to my 4th grade teacher Sister Elizabeth. Wind up Nunzilla, then watch sparks fly from her mouth as she walks! Ah, I can hear Sr. Elizabeth now, "Who's chewing gum? No gum in the classroom! Get out your New Testament and turn to John 13:34. Who's volunteering for the parish bake sale at recess? No volunteers? Then I'll pick them. Amy, Julie, John, Brendan, go to the 8th grade classroom and they'll tell you what to do. Expect extra homework this weekend, I think we had it rather easy this week ..."

Sr. Elizabeth was definitely Old School -- she ran her classroom as efficiently as Patton routing Italy. But you know what? I learned more in her class than just about any other teacher I've ever had, even though she had me half-scared to death most of the time.

Happy Friday, everyone.

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