Wednesday, January 07, 2004

Knit Bloggers Are the Nicest People
Kate is hosting a Must Have Cardigan knitalong at her site. Remember this cardie? I dubbed it the Sweater from Hell when I was knitting it last summer, mainly because it was the first major project I chose after a 15-year hiatus from knitting (see "Must Have Cardigan" under Finished Projects for a picture). Honestly, it's a pretty simple pattern. The only problem is that it's pretty close-fitting (only goes up to a 41" finished bust size). Not a problem for my mom, who's quite tiny, but perhaps a problem for others. Not to fear! Kate has graciously upsized the pattern to fit up to a 46" bust (49" finished size). Link here. Thanks, Kate!

Talking about the Must Have Cardi allows a graceful segue to my next project, also from Paton's Street Smart booklet. It's the front cover design, called Cable Hoodie:

I'm knitting it in the yarn called for in the pattern, Paton's Classic Merino Wool, in a color called Faded Blue. Both yarn and book are available at both Beehive Wool and Ram Wools.

However, I lucked out and got my Classic Wool on sale from Herrschners for the bargain basement price of $2.99 per skein, which puts this project firmly in the Cheap 'n Chic category! Even at full price, I think Paton's Classic Wool is a bargain. Great yardage per skein (223 yards), reasonable price (Ram Wools has it listed for $4.99/skein; 10-skein bags for $44.90), wide selection of colors, a nice firm hand and slightly hard finish which shows off cable work very well, and because it's merino, it's not itchy like other pure wool yarns (Lite Lopi, for instance). Here's my progress to date on the back:

Random Amy-ness

I Love …
Joe Brown Caramel Corn (only available in Portland)

I Can't Stand …
Neurotic people

I Miss …
My grandma

I Wish …
I was taller

I Regret …
Not finishing college at a younger age

I'm Grateful ...
I met & married my second husband

Happy Wednesday, everyone.

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