Monday, January 05, 2004

Squeaking in under the 2003 Projects wire, may I present the Aran Poncho. The pattern is by Norah Gaughan, from Lopi #21. The yarn is Light Lopi, in Oatmeal (book and yarn available at Woodland Woolworks). I had a lot of fun knitting this up. It's basically 2 long rectangles, with a ribbed edging and neckline. The cable pattern is very easy. The Light Lopi yarn was interesting to handle; it was a bit scratchy, but softened up with use. It became even softer and loftier after washing. I'll model it for y'all after it's dried, hokay?

Block Me Gently, Block Me Slowly

"Well, I guess Dick's still alive."
"No, I haven't seen him, but the detectives called yesterday."
"No, they haven't seen him, but they found his car."
--Woman that I overhead talking on her cell in Home Depot, week before Christmas.

True story; I overheard this cell conversation snippet while Christmas shopping. I love the website In Passing. Eva overhears the most incredible bits of conversation in San Francisco, where she resides. Maybe reading the entries on her site primed me to pay more attention to the random flow of public conversation? Who knows.

Musings on 2003
It was a year of highs (my weight, RockStar's improving grades), and lows (the October wildfires, RockStar's $20,000 flooding of the house). I really don't like saying I "survived" the year because that implies that I merely endured, rather than really lived. But it truly was a difficult year for me, physically and emotionally.

But you know what? I had 5 days off, starting on December 31st. I had a lot of time to relax, knit, and think. I identified some issues I need to work on. I let go of some issues I have no control over. I confronted some behaviors I'm ashamed of, and will work on improving them. At the end of the vacation, I ended up with a lighter heart. Things ain't perfect, but they're pretty darn good. And I'm OK with that.

Happy 2004, everyone.

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