Thursday, January 15, 2004

PFUD Progress
I'm on the last row of ribbing at the bottom of the sweater -- will try to bind off during lunch today. Then two quick sleeves, and off it goes to my niece in Portland! I love knitting kids clothing -- so much quicker than humongous adult stuff.

Knit Bloggers Are the Nicest People - Part II
Ooh! Ooh! Marcia wrote me a Blog Thank-You Note! We started out as Blog Newbies around the same time last summer, and supported each other via our comments as we slowly attracted new readers to our fledgling blog efforts. Marcia describes much more eloquently than me the special and unique nature of the knit blogging community, and how serendipity led her to it. Read her sweet post. As usual, she cuts right to the heart of the matter and leaves the reader feeling good. Yes, I sent Marcia a silly little gift. But I (and her readers) get a gift from her, every time she posts.

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