Monday, March 08, 2004

Monday Mischief
::yawn:: Oh! Where are my manners? La Familia was out a bit late last night; we took RockStar to see this guy. Paco de Lucia is one of the pre-eminent flamenco guitar masters in the world. His show was excellent, with the exception of his very emotionally overwrought female singers. "I could have done without the Screaming Inca Chicks," was DH's concensus. Still, it was an excellent show.

I must confess that I crossed over to the Dark Side this weekend ... and crocheted! My partner in crime is Bron. She's got me looking for the April issue of Crochet Fantasy that features a cute openwork jacket. Looked at Barnes & Noble and Borders ... no luck. But I did find this Leisure Arts book at Michaels this weekend:

I picked up a gigantic ball of No. 10 crochet cotton that's about as big as my head -- you think I'm kidding, don't you? Mai non! It's 2700 yards of ecru cotton! I used a smidge to make one of these:

Only 178 more of these little gems and I'll have this:

Pretty, huh? Or I might make either of these:

And I'm not the only one with an itch to crochet ... Kim is starting up a new online crochet resource called Crochet Me! (link courtesy of Action Hero Melissa).

It's fun to be a hooker, sometimes.

Happy Monday, everyone.

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