Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Wilted Wednesday
Got about 10 rows of ribbing done on the left and right fronts of Cabled Hoodie last night; nothing worth posting a picture of. RockStar and I went to WalMart last night to purchase yet another CD player for him; this kid goes through portable CD players like water. Lest you think I buy this kid whatever he wants, think again. I spotted him $20 towards a new player; he has to make up the difference. He chose a $48 Sony model and gave up his allowance until the balance is paid off. We'll see how long this one lasts.

As a reward to myself for braving the wilds of WalMart, I picked up 8 skeins of Bernat Cotton Tots, a soft 100% cotton yarn marketed toward making baby clothes and blankets. But it seems like it would make a nice summer sweater. It's also inexpensive ($3.49 for 4oz) and comes in nice pastel colors that are perfect for summer. I chose Little Boy Blue, a nice robin's egg shade:

ADD = All Darn Day
Hot damn! It's that time of the month, time for the Ritalin Shuffle! I swear, trying to be a responsible parent and keep RockStar in Ritalin is daunting at times. A big part of the problem is that in the State of California, Ritalin is a controlled substance requiring a fresh triplicate prescription every 30 days (no refills), verification by the dispensing doctor of where the prescription was last filled, etc., etc. On a non-ADD afflicted person, Ritalin acts like speed, so apparently there's a problem with kids selling their pills to other kids, and prescriptions being stolen and/or forged. Anyway, this month's wrinkle is the doctor springing an evaluation request on us at the last minute before he'll dispense a new prescription for the next 30 days, necessitating some lost time at work for me and at school for RockStar. Not a problem, just frustrating.

And to continue the day's theme of "All About RockStar," at 4pm today we have an appointment, en famile, with RockStar's guidance counselor at school to discuss alternative school possibilities. DH heard through the grapevine that the San Diego Performing Arts High School is fine for the "performing arts" part, but isn't too hot academically. There's another Performing Arts High School on Coronado Island, which we haven't checked out, yet. There's also a Charter School in our community, which offers more of a self-directed type of learning environment. I have reservations about self-directed learning. It's fine and dandy while your child is in high school, but unless he goes to a similar type of college (i.e., Brown), he'll be right back in a traditional learning environment for college. The upside is that RockStar will have an additional two years of maturity under his belt by the time he's in college, and might be able to handle the traditional environment and its requirements by then. But I'm putting the cart before the horse. We'll see what today's appointment with the counselor brings.

Happy Wednesday, everyone.

RockStar Update, Thursday, 9:30am Pacific Time: Both of yesterday's appointments went well. RockStar is being evaluated for a different ADD med that isn't a triplicate (refills, yippee!), and we've started the paperwork to transfer him to the Performing Arts High School. He's been warned, though, that it's a "high-draw" magnet school with a waiting list and he may not get in next year. We'll see what happens over the summer.

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