Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Wednesday Brain Fart
Well, I had intended to show y'all the goodies that arrived Monday afternoon from Elann and RamWools, but I uploaded the wrong pictures to my host server. Grrr.

Hey, Hey, Mama
Check out this site for some dead-sexy sweater patterns. I particularly love this one. Puts the "grrr" back in tiger, wouldn'cha say?

Play That Funky Music, White Girl
Courtesy of this link from Hairball, you can get your own DJ Name. I came up as DJ Techno Hoodlum (cool). My sister (Jane) came up as DJ Saucy Cheese, DH came up as DJ Evil Repeater (huh?), and RockStar came up as DJ Master God. I'm not telling him that, or he'll never get his swelled head through the doorway.

Happy Wednesday, everyone.

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