Friday, March 26, 2004

What Price Nostalgia?
Spring has arrived in San Diego, where the seasons are so subtle if you blink you'll miss 'em. I was jonesing for some sandals and felt a nostalgic pang for some good old-fashioned Dr. Scholls. You fellow '70s gals remember 'em -- wooden platform with the buckle and the famous "toe bump?" A quick Google search quickly dashed my hopes. Apparently, Dr. Scholls are cool again, and the price of the basic model is $40. Forty dollars! Geez. And if you want the ultra-cool "Julian" model by designer Paul Frank, be prepared to shell out $78 for these cuties:

Monkey Business

So to console myself, I toodled over to Elann and picked up some Spring Knitting Goodies:

I'm Cottoning Up to This

I've Got a Sonata in My Heart

Big Cotton for This Sweater

Lacey Cotton Pattern

And I made a little progress on Cabled Hoodie. I'm on the last row of the waistband ribbing for the Left and Right Fronts:

Waist Not, Want Not

Frisky Friday
My Dear Husband is training for a Half Triathlon, aka a Sprint. I'm so proud of him -- he's training like an SOB getting ready for the race, which will be held in La Quinta, CA (south of Palm Springs) in mid-April. His laser beam focus on training is admirable, but certain things on the home front are going, um, wanting. On that note, I present, in no particular order, Amy's Top 5 Makeout Songs of All Time. Dedicated to you, honey. Hope it inspires you :-)

  • Me and Mrs. Jones, Billy Paul

  • Let's Stay Together, Al Green

  • Miracles, Jefferson Starship

  • Stranglehold, Ted Nugent (Hey, I'm a child 'o the '70s, what can I say?)

  • Son of a Preacher Man, Dusty Springfield

  • Happy Friday, everyone.

    DR. SCHOLLS UPDATE! (March 29th) There's an EBay seller who has new Dr. Scholls for decent prices. I may have to indulge!

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