Wednesday, September 10, 2003

I feel like a pirate who just took down an English frigate and scored some maaajor booty!

First, we have 2 balls of Odyssey to make a scarf for some lucky Christmas recipient:

Then, my copy of Fiber Trends' Faina scarf pattern arrived (it was on backorder), along with some lovely Marks & Katten mohair and an equally lovely shawl pattern. All from Ram Wools in Canada:

But the piece de resistance are the two Alice Starmore books that turned up in today's mail. The Celtic Collection was a heck of a deal from (about 1/2 the cover price), and Stillwater came all the way from Jolly Old England via EBay. Stillwater has been out-of-print and is getting a bit hard to find, but I got it for a decent price and am happy to have it. Now, if only In The Hebrides, Pacific Coast Highway, and Aran Knitting weren't so outrageous. We won't even talk about what The Scottish Collection is fetching these days.

Gotta go -- stash examination awaits! Happy Wednesday, everyone!

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