Tuesday, September 09, 2003

Nuttin, Honey
Only got another 5-6 rows picked off on Aran Go Round last night … not enough to take a picture. Pretty pix to follow, post progress.

I'm Hearing You
Thank you, faithful readers, for all your supportive and helpful comments and suggestions. By nature, I'm a shy person, as well as a bit of a stoic. It was really hard to reach out and ask for help. But I'm glad I did -- your comments reaffirmed my belief that there are nice, caring people out there. I just have to learn to ask more often. Thank you all for some very good suggestions. I’ll keep you posted on my further adventures down in the Diet Delta.

Compromises and Trade-Offs Can Make Great Art
I am a graphic artist by occupation. Not a fine artist. The difference between the two is that while a fine artist can paint, sculpt, or express him or herself freely in their chosen medium, a graphic artist works to create the vision of others. Usually, the "other" in question is your employer (or your client, if you're self-employed).

That being said, there's a long history of excellent graphic design, both here in the US and abroad. One of my favorite genres is Chinese Propaganda Art (talk about having the boss looking over your shoulder while you're working). Stefan Landsberger has a terrific site (and book) that details the history of this provocative subject.

Here’s a New Year picture (nianhua) depicting chubby babies and carp (male offspring--important in China, and carp for abundance):

Another of my favorites are the posters of the Works Progress Administration (WPA), a Franklin Roosevelt "New Deal" cultural program. There are a variety of subjects including some beautiful travel posters, but the "Health & Safety" category is particularly amusing.

Poor Johnny, A Shameful Affliction, and Community Sanitation:

Gotta go. Hungry teenager demanding dinner now.

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