Wednesday, September 03, 2003

Mystery Solved!
I had intended to email Janet Szabo and run my problem with Aran Go Round past her, but she beat me to it -- there was an email from her awaiting me this morning! She read of the problems I'd been having with AGR on my blog and offered to post corrections to her Errata page. There was a bit of confusion because I originally (and incorrectly) stated that the problem was with Row 2, when it's actually Row 3 that has the error. We got the problem straightened out and I'm happily cabling away. Kudos to Janet for her quick response and devotion to maintaining a quality publication :-)

This Is Getting Old
It's the same old story
Same old song and dance, my friend

It's only Day 2 of school, and RockStar is already up to his old tricks. We leave for school promptly at 7:05am. Every day at 7:00am, it's the same litany of questions from the parental units:

"Did you put on deodorant?"
"No. I'll go do it now."

"Did you take your medication?"
"No. I'm about to do it."

"Do you have your cellphone?"
"No. I'll go get it."

"Do you have your homework?"
"No. I'm going to put it in my backpack right now"

"Did you finish your homework?"
"Most of it."

"Why not all of it?"
"I needed a book from the library."

"Why didn’t you ask me to take you to the library?"
"I forgot."

"Is there anything we need to sign?"
"Yes, I have to dig it out of my backpack."

"Do you have your house key?"
"No. I have to find it."

Except for Questions #1 & #2, all of these items could have been completed the night before. But completing these items the night before might cut into the all-important America On-Line Instant Messenger (AIM) chat sessions that are the lifeline of RockStar and his pubescent buddies. I see the whole year stretching before me … and it looks like a bad flashback of last year. We're headed for a showdown, my friends. If you don't want to be caught in the crossfire, stay away from our house around 7pm PST. The sparks are gonna fly. And RockStar may become a technological Luddite before I'm through.

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