Tuesday, September 16, 2003

No blogging last night as I was being a good citizen and donating blood. I suggest you do the same. Really. You'll feel better. And you get a tshirt and orange juice -- how can you beat that?

Round and round
Our love will find a way
Just give it time
Ratt, Out of the Cellar

Aran Go Round is in the final throes ...

The Whole Enchilada

Ooh! Pardon my Unblocked Cables

Stay tuned for the Final Viewing. Eeew, that sounded a bit morbid, didn't it?

What's Next, You Ask?
Well, since the mohair lace stole from Ram Wools is kicking my b*tt, it might be this:

This is a Victorian Crazy Quilt I started over 3 years ago. It's actually been nearly finished for over a year. I've been stalling because I really want to add another 10 squares, for a total of 30 squares. This quilt has traveled to and was worked on during a trip to London. See the little gold metallic thread crown, commemorating the trip?

Here's another of my favorite spots, a heart composed of french knots and daisy chain leaves.

I love this little quilt. I haunted thrift shops for months, picking up satin prom dresses for pennies. There's brocade cocktail dresses from the 1950s sprinkled in among remnants of velvet Ralph Lauren blazers. A few of my own overblown 80s party dresses are even in there. I always handle the fabric I harvest from pre-owned clothing with a sense of reverence. These discarded party frocks once represented someone's hopes and dreams and even maybe even a heartache or two.

All the embroidery is done in metallic or shiny rayon thread. There's even a bit of beadwork here and there. We'll see what happens. Getting the 10 new patchwork squares sewn is the first hurdle. Then all the embroidery. I think I need to set up a Project Rotation like Brent over at Beetle Blog. He's very disciplined about his projects!

Come On Over Baby, Whole Lotta Bloggin' Goin' On!
Some excellent blogging in the last few days. My blog sister Marcia posted a lovely and bittersweet entry about her memories of the 1970s. Pioneer Melissa's little Lamb gave us some words of wisdom regarding the importance of dessert. I always get hungry reading Mariko's blog! Kerstin has been an excellent source of blog resources. And Wendy is an inspiration; she knits at a ratio of five sweaters to my piddly one.

Finally, I've got to send a big shout out to our own Julie, aka BoogaJ, for tying us all together in the KnitBlog Webring. She's also becoming quite the talented knitwear designer!

Gotta run; RockStar is nosing around looking for dinner.

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