Thursday, September 25, 2003

Oh, this is too funny. The perfect antidote for us poor slobs working in Cubeville -- it's Stealth Disco!. Go up behind a fellow cube inmate and let loose your inner John Travolta! Thanks to betseeee knits! for this one.

You may not be aware that the Amy Knits! site has a patron saint: Joan Jett. I've always admired Joan for the ballsy and uncompromising swath she's cut through life. She's got that pixie-with-a-flamethrower vibe going. So behave yourself or St. Joan will whack you upside the head with her Gibson guitar.

Knit Knacks
Back to our regularly scheduled knitting. Here's RockStar modeling the almost finished Homespun Hoodie:

I have such a cruel stepmom …

Believe it or not, this darn hoodie is going to be a rather nice sweater, despite all the poor polyesters that had to die in order for it to live. Next on RockStar's list: a Bucket O' Chic hat in (what else) black.

And the VH1 Shawl is galloping right along. We've just attached Ball #2 of 4 with all yarn overs present and accounted for:

C'mon. Pet me. You know you want to.

Hang on, babies. Friday's almost here.

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